Even if you don't understand Japanese,

you can consult with us about entering to High school in Japan.

What is Japanese high school? How to apply for admission to school?

What kind of school are there? How much is school expenses?

Please contact us and solve your questions and concerns together!


Multilingual career guidebook.

  • This is a guidebook that shows you about entering to high school in Miyagi prefecture.
     This guidebook is published in Chinese, Korean, English, Tagalog, Spanish,  Vietnamese and Nepali.
  • Please contact us if you need our guidebook!


Individual consultation!

  • You can consult with us individually about entering to high school by phone or online in free.
  • You can request interpreter.
  • Please contact us if you would like to consult with us!

Where to Contact


For those living outside of Sendai City;

MIA; Miyagi International Association

TEL:022-275-3796  Email: mail@mia-miyagi.jp


For those living in Sendai City;

SenTIA; Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association

TEL:022-224-1919  Email: tabunka@sentia-sendai.jp



Report: Career Guidance 2009

The number of children born overseas or children born in Japan but their father/mother is a foreign national is increasing in Miyagi.
Japanese Entrance Examination System is complicated and sometimes changes.
In order to provide the newest, correct information, in 2009, we opened the first Career Guidance seminar for children and parents who are non- native Japanese Speakers.


A summary of the types of high schools, expenses, etc.
42 children and parents from China, Korea, Philippine and USA joined.

Advice for taking entrance exams from Junior and Senior high school teachers.

Former entrance test takers (High school, University students) voiced their experiences.